I am a Daughter of God

My second visit was on January 9th, 2019. I remember talking to my mom, who kept telling me I needed to go. She was a temple worker at the Bountiful temple, and they had just instituted some changes and was excited for me to experience them.

When I started this goal, I worked part-time for JetBlue and generally had Tuesdays off. When I woke up that morning, I immediately put on my church clothes and set out my temple bag. Because this was only my second visit, my two children questioned why I was dressed up. I explained why, and we went on with our morning. As my trek to 40 by 40 continued, if there was a Tuesday, I did not put on my church clothes, my kids questioned that. It became a habit for me to go on this day, so they knew something was up.

Once my kids left for school, I jumped in my car and headed to the temple. Because of these recent changes, the temple was busy. This, of course, made me more nervous. I had chosen to go alone because it was my second visit, and I wanted to face my fears head-on. As I sat in the chapel, I remember praying that I would get through the session and not let myself focus too much on not knowing everything.

The time came, and we were led to the ordinance room. Once everyone was seated before the session began, an announcement was made, which was only made in the month of January that year.

I don’t remember all of what was said, but I do remember that it said, “our prophet had sought revelation on our behalf.”  Those words pierced my heart, and I could hardly hold it together. I knew that our prophet President Nelson did not know me personally, but my Savior and Lord knew me personally, and these changes were for me. They were for you, and they for the person sitting next to me and for all those who would enter the temple.

For the first time in a very long time, I knew I was a daughter of God who was loved by Him, despite my shortcomings. I felt His love surround me. I shed tears of gratitude as I sat there even before the endowment began.

The rest of the session was a blur. As I left the temple that day, I couldn’t wait to return. I wanted to feel that spirit as strong as felt in that moment.  Knowing that I was the daughter of God and was loved by him gave me the momentum to continue with my goal. He loved me, and I wanted to serve Him more in the House of the Lord because I loved him.

In life, temporal things can give us small bursts of elation that don’t last. Spiritual things will and can last and leave lasting impressions in our hearts. This is how I felt as I left the temple that day.  I couldn’t wait to return to the temple to feel that spirit as strongly as I felt that day. As Emily Summerhays eloquently said, “ this is real, this lasts, this is true happiness.”

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