Emily Summerhays sings at Woman’s conference.

On March 4th, 2023, Kaysville East Stake held its fourth multi-stake annual celebrations of woman’s conference. The other stakes invited were the Kaysville Central, Kaysville West, and Fruit Heights stake. At the conference, Emily shared her testimony through song. Beyond the fact that she is a talented musician, when she spoke of the temple, she said, “This is real, this lasts, this is true happiness.” As I started my trek to 40 temple visits by 40, I saw how true these words are. In one of her songs, she also sang, “Come as you are, don’t expect to stay that way.” These words have stuck with me all day. When I started my trek, I came as I was, and over the next seven and half months, I was transformed into a different person. When I meet new people and when my temple trek comes up, I always say that pre-2019 Mel, you would not have liked, partially because I did not like myself that much. I am so grateful I followed the spirit and didn’t stay the same. The temple will transform you, and it will heal you on this side of the veil and those whose work we do on their side of the veil.

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  1. Emily Summerhays

    I’m so excited to follow this blog!! What an amazing story you have! Thanks so much for sharing it for all of us to gain strength from!!!

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