Continue to be fed spiritually

I love the Ogden temple; it has a special meaning to me. I was adopted and was sealed to my parents in that temple. While preparing to go on a mission, I also received my endowments in that one. If my husband and I had not been married in the San Diego Temple, we would have been married there before the church tore it down  the old Ogden Temple and rebuilt it. 

When we go to the temple, we often focus on the endowment or initiatories and need to remember about sealings. As an adopted person, I’m grateful for the sealing ordinance because I can be sealed to my parents for eternity.

During this particular visit, my husband and I decided to do sealings. I had printed off many family names, and off we went. The moment we entered the sealing room, we could both feel the spirit almost immediately. After the sealer finished one of the sealings, which was a child to a parent, he commented that they had been born in 1776 and this child had been waiting a long time. The spirit immediately overcame me, and happy tears filled my eyes. It made me reflect on my sealing to my parents and that I did not have to wait so long to be sealed to them.

The sealer said that those we performed ordinances for had the right to be there if they wanted. As I mentioned, the spirit was powerful when we entered the sealing room. I know that I could not see anyone beyond those living that day, but I could feel the presence of my ancestors for whom we were performing their work that day.

When the temples were closed in 2020 because of the pandemic, I often could picture the celestial room in my mind. Even though we could not be in the temple, I wondered if angels still walked among those hallowed rooms. I remember pleading with the Lord and asking him what I needed to do so the temples would open and I could enter them again.

Before doing my 40 by 40, it was fine if I missed a few months between temple visits. During those seven and half months that I was doing my goal, I could tell if it had been more than a week that I had not been in the temple. I was less patient, and things bothered me faster.

The temple has a way of grounding our souls to the Lord amidst all the chaos. When the temples were closed, I told my husband, “I miss the temple like I would miss breathing.” We all know we would die if we couldn’t breathe; while we won’t die physically if we don’t go to the temple, we can die spiritually without even knowing it. Regular temple attendance is part of how we can remain on the covenant path. I love Jacob 7:23 “And it came to pass that peace and the love of God was restored again among the people, and they searched the scriptures, and hearkened no more to the words of this wicked man.” The temple is a vital part of helping us be spiritually fed, but searching the scriptures when we can’t attend the temple will also help us ward off the attacks from the adversary.

I spent many years mad and holding grudges. I had a stone-cold wall that surrounded me at all times. I always had a look on my face that made me unapproachable. I had a look on my face that told people in my body language that said, “I dare you to talk to me.” The icy cold wall started to crumble as I progressed on my trek to 40. My husband told me he began to see the Mel he married once again. Others tell me that as they watched my trek, they also saw my countenance change. I did not see it, but I was living it. The temple, scriptures, church attendance, and serving will help us in ways we can’t see. There are so many, just like the child who was sealed to his parents, who was born in 1776, who are still waiting. Don’t delay, don’t let doubt hold you back, go and do so everyone who can have these eternal ordnances done for them.

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