Becoming Better

February 19, 2019, was my tenth visit. I remember feeling the urgency to go that day for multiple reasons. One was my sister getting married that week, and I knew that with all the family stuff that would be occurring, I would only have a little time to get to the temple that week. According to my calculations, to hit my 40 by 40, I need to average six times a month. So missing a day in a week means I need to double up on another week. That specific day I felt called to go, so I went.
On this particular day, I decided on the initiatory ordinance. Before I entered the temple, each time, I would ask the Lord to open my eyes to what he felt I needed to learn. Today was no different. Most of the initiatory ordinance went without incident. While on the last name, the temple worker made a mistake and had to start over. Her mistake had flustered her, and she apologized and said she was trying to get better. I was filled with so much love and emotion for this sweet sister and responded, “that is why we come to the temple to become better.”
Not only do we come to the temple to improve and become better versions of ourselves, but we also go so those who have passed on before us can receive these ordinances and become better in the next life. I was struck with awe that we can heal or improve ourselves on this side of the veil and, at the same time, do the same for our ancestors.
We can never be perfect. The only perfect person in this world is our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is a great example to pattern our lives. The more we follow Him and seek repentance, the more we can be like the Savior one day.
While doing these 40 visits, I had some powerful spiritual experiences in the House of the Lord. But many of those experiences did not occur in the first few visits. Most of them happened when I was more than halfway through my visits. Life is really about Line upon Line, precept upon precept. We have to put in the work, and that work is what helps us change and grow. There have been many times that I went to the temple and served the Lord, and there were no life-changing things that happened, but by going and being consistent, I found that I was happier throughout my life.
I heard in a talk recently that the temple is a reference point for our lives. This statement could not be more accurate. When I did this, life seemed easier to handle, even when I was going through difficult obstacles in my life. My temple attendance helps ground me and reset my day or week when it has been challenging. I will never be perfect, but each day, I pray that I am a little better than I was the day before. With the help of the temple, we can progress towards being better one day at a time and, in some instances, one minute at a time. The Savior is our biggest cheerleader and will be beside us as we strive to improve and become better versions of ourselves.

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